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WiFi Problems and Solutions

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Hello! I’m Moses, a dedicated freelancer specializing in resolving your Wi-Fi and internet connectivity issues. Whether you’re experiencing slow speeds, no connection, or unstable performance, I’m here to help with a range of expert services:

Wi-Fi Diagnosis & Optimization: I’ll analyze your network to pinpoint bottlenecks and optimize your router settings for enhanced speed and performance.

Mesh Network Recommendation & Setup: If your home’s layout is causing Wi-Fi issues, I’ll recommend and help set up a mesh network system for better coverage.

Bandwidth Package Review: I’ll review your current ISP plan and suggest an upgrade if bandwidth limitations are causing slowdowns.

No Internet Connection Troubleshooting: I’ll guide you through a step-by-step process to troubleshoot router settings and identify potential configuration issues.

ISP Outage Check & Support: I’ll check for reported outages with your ISP and provide resources or contact information for further assistance.

Wi-Fi Range Extension: I’ll recommend and help set up a Wi-Fi extender to amplify the signal and extend coverage to dead zones.

Router Placement Consultation: I’ll advise on the best router placement within your home for optimal signal strength throughout.

Connection Drops or Instability Solutions: I’ll identify potential sources of Wi-Fi interference (like cordless phones or baby monitors) and suggest solutions to minimize disruption.

Firmware Update Assistance: I’ll guide you through updating your router’s firmware to address bugs and improve stability.

Additional Services

Remote Support: I offer paid remote sessions where I can directly access your computer to diagnose and fix Wi-Fi issues.

Contact me today to get your Wi-Fi running smoothly and efficiently!

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